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On-Demand Webinar

Software bill of materials (SBOM) as a concept has been around for years now. However, questions remain in the minds of many software development teams and organizations as to how, whether, and when to bring the practice of generating SBOMs into their development flows. In addition, there are perceived technical barriers to entry, ranging from the fear of tool sprawl, uncertainty around standard formats, and doubt that a chosen approach is the 'right one' to invest time into achieving. 

This webinar will be an Ask Me Anything format with Anchore's CTO and Cofounder Dan Nurmi, along with Hayden Smith, Senior Director of Field Services. Together, they will share their experiences working every day with teams who are actively engaged in building out their organization's SBOM management solution, and answer questions about clearing any roadblocks that you may have, toward bringing an SBOM management process into your own software development environment. 

Attendees will come away with a strong understanding of the value of having visibility into software components, the current state of SBOM management tools and standards, and how to select the right SBOM generation, management, and usage technologies. 

Ask Me Anything:

Roadblocks to