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Reduce Risk for Software Supply Chain Attacks: 

5 Best Practices for Container Security

— How to Use SBOMs to Build a Transparent Foundation

“Anchore is one of the few container security companies that are approved as part of
the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps initiative and a key compound for ensuring the security and
compliance of software containers within the
DoD Iron Bank.”

In today's digital landscape, protecting your software supply chain from rising threats is essential. Our whitepaper offers 5 key strategies for enhancing container security, one of the main attack surfaces in dynamic software development practices. Learn about using SBOMs for transparency, shifting vulnerability detection left and automating policy enforcement, all for a superior developer experience and securing third-party code.

White Paper

Download the white paper to learn:

— Identifying Vulnerabilities Early with Continuous Scanning

— Reducing Toil in the Developer Experience

— Automating Policy Enforcement and Security Gates

— Protect Your Software Supply Chain with Security Controls

Take the first step towards safeguarding your software supply chain.