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On Demand Free Webinar

At the end of June, CISA and the NSA released a best practices guide to secure CI/CD environments. This guide highlights the need and importance of SBOMs and software composition analysis in software builds. CI/CD environments often get overlooked when we discuss security but as history has shown us, they are critical path and often targets.

This webinar will dive deeply into the recent NSA and CISA best practices. Together, Josh Bressers, VP of Security and Hayden Smith, Sr. Director of Field Services will walk through the elements of the hardening guide and demonstrate in real time how Anchore Enterprise can help with SCA and SBOM management to support the best practices.

Attendees will come away with the following:

- A solid understanding of how to approach this guidance

- How to equip their security and development teams to build secure software supply chains

- Ideas on how to apply this knowledge in a timely fashion

Deep Dive Into the

CISA and NSA Best

Practices for CI/CD