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DevSecOps for a DoD Software Factory: 

6 Best Practices for Container Images

—Key strategies for using trusted base images

“Anchore is one of the few container security companies that are approved as part of
the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps initiative and a key compound for ensuring the security and
compliance of software containers within the
DoD Iron Bank.”

The shift from traditional software delivery to DevSecOps in the Department of Defense (DoD) represents a crucial evolution in how software is built, secured, and deployed with a focus on efficiencies and speed. Our white paper advises on best practices that are setting new standards for security and efficiency in DoD software factories.

White Paper

Download the white paper to learn:

—Best practices for hardening container images

—How to implement policy enforcement automation

—Best practices for continuous monitoring of security vulnerabilities

The DoD Software Modernization Implementation Plan aims to reduce software delivery times dramatically while ensuring the highest levels of security through modern DevSecOps practices. This white paper details how Anchore solutions support these objectives, helping to secure container images in DoD software factories efficiently and effectively.