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Development at Mach Speed

Case Study

A free case study that highlights how Anchore and Red Hat partnered to deliver a new approach to building, deploying and operating software for the DoD.


For the Department of Defense, integration of security into each stage of the software development lifecycle, a practice known as DevSecOps, is now critical for organizations operating in today’s cloud-native environments.


Software designed and consumed by the DoD needs to be developed at a higher velocity, with greater efficiency, and with a focus on security in order to maintain dominance in the current cybersecurity landscape.


Working side-by-side, Anchore and Red Hat developed and implemented an automated process for hardening and securing containerized software for the United States Air Force (USAF).


In collaboration with the USAF, Anchore developed custom policy checks for all images in the pipeline, implemented a container hardening process and established continuous security that meets DoD standards.

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