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On-Demand Webinar

 Selling software to the federal government can be tricky with various compliance requirements that range broadly. This webinar will focus on how Anchore helps companies unpack the secrets of achieving compliance, with a focus on FedRAMP authorization and SSDF compliance practices. This will help enterprises make inroads with government agencies and federal system integrators and understand the role and value of the Anchore Enterprise platform in making this happen.

Josh Bressers, VP of Security, and Connor Wynveen, Sr. Solutions Engineer, to unpack the essentials when it comes to evaluating FedRAMP controls against software containers and SSDF compliance guidelines (like NIST 800-218).

Attendees will learn:
How to reduce the time and effort it takes to achieve FedRAMP and SSDF compliance
Effective use of SBOMs not only cover a lot of these practices but will save you a lot of time
The importance of automated vulnerability scans in CI/CD pipelines and registries
Why Anchore’s out-of-the-box policy pack will help your organization achieve compliance

For those looking to get more background on these topics, 
we have a blog post on how to create a FedRAMP compliance checklist and a primer article on SSDF’s secure software development guidance created by NIST.

FedRAMP and

SSDF Compliance: 

How to Sell to the