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On-Demand Webinar

As container adoption grew, NVIDIA’s Product Security team needed to provide a scalable security process that would support diverse requirements across business units. They found that traditional security scanning tools didn’t work for containers — they were complicated to use, time consuming to run, and generated too many false positives.

Webinar Presenters

Adam Wallis
Sr. Security Software Engineer

How NVIDIA Uses Shift Left Automation to Secure Containers

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn how NVIDIA transitioned to continuous container security, including:

Delivering centralized reporting for business unit accountability

Decentralized security policies that empower development teams with the responsibility of resolving security issues 

Providing a centrally hosted option to support thousands of containerized apps, and hundreds of thousands of containers

Automating security checks across multiple CI/CD toolchains, registries, and Kubernetes platforms

Chad Olds
VP of North America