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On Demand Webinar

Understanding associated software licenses is non-negotiable before delivering application software to customers. However, tracking and managing the manifest of licenses associated with your application and associated dependencies is a time consuming, challenging and a never ending process.

Grant is our latest open source tool aiding teams in tackling this complex license management problem. Grant allows users to list and examine existing licenses, using SBOMs generated from source code repositories or application container images. Users generate a report showing their compliance with a set policy without having to manually comb through licenses one by one. Dev teams assert and establish the license presence in the application, ship faster, and eliminate non compliant packages earlier.

In this webinar, Dan Nurmi, Anchore CTO, and Christopher Phillips, Senior Software Engineer, will:
- Provide an overview of the software license landscape today
- Explain why license checks are so cumbersome and
- Give a Live demo how Grant improves and simplifies license check,
- And automates the process of generating license reports.

Tracking license 

compliance made easy -

intro to Grant (OSS)

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