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Live Webinar

Achieving comprehensive security visibility in Kubernetes environments is essential for maintaining robust and compliant cloud-native applications. In this exclusive webinar, Anchore and Spectro Cloud team up to showcase how to enhance your Kubernetes security posture with SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) management and vulnerability scanning.

Join Cornelia Davis, VP of Product, Spectro Cloud and Alan Pope, Director of Developer Relations, Anchore to learn how to elevate your Kubernetes security visibility and protect your cloud-native applications effectively.

—Discover how Anchore can be integrated with Spectro Cloud Palette to take SBOM scanning to the next level, delivering fully automated software compliance

—Gain valuable insights into best practices for securing your Kubernetes workloads, ensuring compliance, and improving your DevSecOps processes. 

How to Secure Your Kubernetes Software Supply Chain at Scale

SBOM & Vulnerability Scanning with Anchore and Palette

Thursday, July 18, 2024
10 am PT / 1 pm ET