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On Demand Webinar

The NIST Secure Software Development Framework , or SSDF, has 40+ controls to help ensure secure software development with companies that do business with the government.

However, compliance can feel daunting if you don't know where or how to start.

This webinar will explain what SSDF is and why it's more of a journey than a simple checking of the box. Join us for a conversation with Josh Bressers, Vice President of Security, and Paul Novarese, Principal Solutions Engineer, as they share perspectives on sections of the SSDF along with a            reality-based perspective on the myths and realities.

Attendees will come away with:

- Real-world perspective on secure software development

- An understanding of what real people and real companies are doing right now with SSDF

- How to start your own journey towards SSDF compliance

SSDF: Myths vs Reality