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Rapid and secure feature delivery is a goal across every application team and every branch of the DoD. The Navy’s DevSecOps platform, Black Pearl Party Barge, has achieved:

- Reduction in onboarding time from 5 weeks to 1 day
-An improved developer experience and increased productivity through actionable findings, while reducing false positives

- Maintenance of superior security standards and inherent policy enforcement with an Authorization to Operate (ATO) by USN and USMC

Development teams can deliver efficiently and ensure applications are cyber ready for Navy Authorizing Officials (AOs). In this webinar, Sigma Defense and Anchore gives attendees a look behind the scenes and demos secure pipeline automation and security artifacts that speed up application ATO and time to production.

We cover:
- How to remove silos in DevSecOps
- How to build efficient development pipeline roles and component templates
- How to deliver security artifacts that matter for ATO’s (SBOMs, vulnerability reports, and policy evidence)
- How to streamline operations with automated policy checks on container images

A Tale of Scale & Speed: How the US Navy is Enabling Software Delivery from Lab to Fleet